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Drafting in the 5 spot question! WHIR!

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So, I am in a 16 man PPR league. I draft in the 5 spot this year, and we do have 1 keeper.

I have Chubb in the 10th Round as my keeper. (Devante and Hopkins are being Kept)

Anyways. The first 3 picks are most likely going to be Saquon, Kamara, and CMC. I don't know what #4 will do, but if Zeke is there at 5 do I take the risk? Do I roll Kelce? Julio?

I told myself if DJ is there id pick him, but I don't know if having Chubb makes it better to take Kelce or Julio....I am clearly conflicted! Any help or just thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Are you able to trade draft picks leading up to the draft....DJ is the consensus pick, however if your not sold on him 100%, or feel like you could nab comparable value later on....it wouldn't hurt to try to move back in the first round, while  upgrading in some of the mid to later rounds.  Would allow you to still nab a Kelce type, while also gaining later boosts.


I also pick 5 in my draft, and am facing a similar conflict, however there are several RB that I value equally to DJ in that position....so entertaining offers as well currently.



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On 8/15/2019 at 8:34 PM, Boudewijn said:

Why do you think they won't be kept?

We do it where they are kept a round before you picked them. Those 3 were all first round picks last year so they can't be kept!

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