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who do i draft with the 1st pick?

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keeper league we  keep 13 and have a 7 rd draft. i have the 1st pick do i take kyler murray,josh jacobs or david montgomery? currently my only qb on the roster is watson. and i have barkley and carson as starting running backs but not much depth after them. its a 10 team league and its ppr. we are able to start 2 qbs every week. i only have 1 early pick due to trades. or do i trade the pick and try to acquire more. thanks

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6 hours ago, nygiantsfan913 said:

1st pick do i take kyler murray,josh jacobs or david montgomery?

Kyler Murray and the Cards so far appear a complete bust. They may still recover but I'm not going there.

Then it's between Jacobs and Montgomery. I was very suspicious of Jacobs, but it seems he's doing well in Oakland, and I think he has a better chance of a full workload. Right now I'm picking Jacobs (just) over Montgomery.

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I go with Jacobs ever so slightly over Montgomery. I think you’d be fine to take Montgomery instead but I think the other 2 RBs on the Bears are far more talented than the other RBs on the Raiders so I can see Montgomery being in more of a committee than Jacobs. 

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