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ESPN 16 team redraft $80 - H2H, PPR

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Commish email: xonec@hotmail.com

Owner Fee: $80 – payments are made to LEAGUESAFE.COM immediately, then once payment is confirmed an ESPN invite is sent so a team can be created.


Draft Type: Snake

Draft Order: Randomized using RANDOM.ORG website

Type of League: REDRAFT

Regular season: Weeks 1 thru 13 (Home team wins tiebreaker) Playoffs: Weeks 14, 15, 16

16 teams (4 divisions), lineup changes – Players lock individually at scheduled game time

Roster size: 16 players total, 9 starting players, 7 bench players – plus 1 IR player (Starters: QB1, RB2, WR2, TE1, FLEX1, DST1, K1)



1)      FAAB – Free agency Auction bid (Wednesday 8 PM EST & Saturday 8 PM EST)

2)      $1,000 starting cash for bidding – this is all you get for entire season

3)      Minimum bid $0

POST SEASONHome team wins game ties (6 of 16 teams make the playoffs)

6 PLAYOFF TEAMS: 4 division winners and 2 wild card winners

**WILD CARD TEAMS: After 4 division winners have been determined by W-L record, the final 2 playoff spots will go to the 2 teams that scored the most points during regular season. WIN LOSS RECORDS are not used to determine wild card teams.


Tiebreaker for determining 4 division winners and Wild card teams: 1: Total points FOR 2: Head to Head record between tied teams 3: Total Points AGAINST



16 TEAMS * $80 = $1280 (ALL PAID OUT)

$10 per week to highest scoring team (weeks 6 thru 13) = $80

Round 2 of playoffs (week 15) losing team = $100

Round 2 of playoffs (week 15) losing team = $100

Championship runner up = $350

Champ = $650

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