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Lonzo Ball 2019-2020 Outlook


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4 hours ago, BringVancouverBack said:

Pelicans seem to have found the starting lineup they want. Lonzo looks like he’ll be coming off the bench and I can’t see him playing 30 minutes anymore 

Don't just quote these scrub a** rotoworld analysts lol. Players get relegated to bench on minutes restrictions all the time after coming back from injury. He's the best passer on this team (including jrue), and i'd find it very hard to believe they've given up on him already. This last game doesn't move the needle for me anyways 

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8 minutes ago, COBBLEPOT said:

i wouldn’t drop now..


when healthy lonzo is capable of giving u 12-5-7 with 1.5 steals and close to a block a game.. that’s ricky rubio stats. 



post ASB resurgence is very possible.

true, while dropping both FG and FT categories, question being how bad. We thought he fixed his form in off season but the stats are showing he hasn’t fixed anything and is shooting the same as before. I’m staying away along with the massive injury randomness. He was a drop for me. Will see if I regret it. Also, he isn’t a starter any more and unless something dramatic changes with the team he won’t be starting. Looking at 25 MPG on average from him, which is still good but limits his upside. 

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