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Nick Solak 2019 Outlook

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8 hours ago, Just_A_PI said:

His double eligibility 2B,3B makes him a decent pick up next season but his a rookie and we haven't seen much enough from him so for me, I wouldn't pick him up before 130-150 ADP. How many rookies have been called up this season and have directly been red hot for few weeks before to cool off? The majority of them. We do need to see more of Solak to chase him like a potential top 2B,3B next season. Just my opinion.

In re-draft league, unless the league is composed of more than 12 managers, I don't believe Solak is more than an utility man.


Fair point. He's played 26 games, here are the 13 vs 13 splits:

1st 13: .333/.451/.524, 9R, 3 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 5 BRI, 1 NSB, 23.5% k rate, 11.8% BB rate, .448 BaBIP, .190 ISO

2nd 13: .292/.393/.500, 9R, 1 2B, 0 3B, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 0 NSB, 26.8% k rate, 12.5% BB rate, .367 BaBIP, .208 ISO


Overall not too bad, but certainly a dip in some spots.


Additionally, he's benefited a great deal from luck with a .407 BaBIP vs a 20.6% LD rate and a whopping 60.3% Med contact. The 25.5% k rate is also a bit worrisome, but that's not atypical of rookies in general.

Still a guy I think projects to have nice longterm value. Again, probably not much more than a plug and play in small leagues (particularly redrafts), but a nice hold in Dynasty.

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