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9 minutes ago, 89Topps said:

Started Morton and Austin Nola.  Sat Giolito and Vogelbach.


Can this season just freakin mercifully end already?

Why in the world would you sit Gio at this point. He's a must start against anyone, in any ballpark. And been a total K monster lately to boot.

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Bruh.. You know you just responded to your own statement.. And what's a super Ace anyway? What are the statistical qualifications to achieve such a status?

He gave up a run. A single run. 

It’s not really a “crowd” so much as an individual

2 hours ago, treat88 said:


Tough crowd for a kid thats been one of the best pitchers going in 2019

It’s not really a “crowd” so much as an individual

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6 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

So much for the Matt Magill era.

Nice of him to wait until there was a huge spike in ownership and let people catch him in that sweet spot between missing the saves  and getting obliterated.  Good thing the mariners were only up by 1.

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Thanks Houston for forgetting how to score for Verlander again...  this time off of Detroit pitching... Wait, what now?

And that sums that game up pretty well. Chrinios tries to stretch a double into a triple for no reason with 2 outs and gets thrown out, game over.

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