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Robert Covington 2019-2020 Outlook

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The ten rules of the lord 1: I am the Lord who resides in Houston 2: Thou shall draft no other players before me 3: Thou shall make many threes 4: Thou shalt not ever doubt thy Lor

Ok, here’s some analysis.  There’s this thing called defense and he’s pretty good at it.  Defense generally translates into these things called stocks.  But there’s a lot of variance in stocks so he’s

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17 minutes ago, Espoiral said:

Yes, and a steal at his current Yahoo ADP.

A must draft for me from the 4th round onwards, especially if you're punting assists.


He's the reincarnation of Danny Green for me. You draft him for the steals, blocks, 3s, and nothing else. His skills always make him a boon to any fantasy team, and perennially underrated in pre-season ranks.


He shouldn't slip past the 5th in terms of overall value. But, it's worth nothing, even if you think he's healthy, he's only played over 70 games 1 out of 5 seasons (although he doesn't usually slip below 67). So don't draft him expecting him to be healthy all year, or consistent all year.

Still, I factor that in, and if I can get ~70 games of him at a draft position around 5th or so, I'd be okay with it. 

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I don't think he's a sleeper or a steal because the downgrade in his ADP is primarily due to injury concern and a poor situation.  I don't think they are making the playoffs this year and he's a big risk to not play during the fantasy playoffs.  Also, his top 15 rank in BBM is an illusion because if one were to really pick him in the second round (no one is) it would basically force a punt in points and assist.  I think it would be kinda cool in an auction to create a punt points team like this: Jokic, Draymond, Otto, Covington.  Maybe cheap guys such as Smart and/or PatBev, White, Murray, whoever at the 1.  Danny Green at the 2.


PG: Smart, PatBev

SG: Green

SF: Otto, Covington

PF: Draymond

😄 Jokic


These guys should only cost around $160 total dollars leaving you room to fill the empty spots.  I don't think it has any statistical weakness either, aside from points, maybe blocks.  Pick up MitchRob cheaply if you can, or Allen.   

Covington has his usefulness, you just have to work around low points, assists, and poor FG%.  Not to mention durability and playoff concerns.  I like him and my friends tease me for drafting him so frequently...I don't think he's a steal, but I think his valuation is appropriate given his concerns. 


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12 minutes ago, IT2 said:

I am getting excited about the Lord in this new uptempo offense 

The Lord will never fail us! Rain or shine, blizzard or drought, His holiness will grant us with salvation!

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7 minutes ago, Extra_Rice said:

Thy Lord RoCo has further blessed us with bountiful rebounds aside from his daily blessings of stocks!


But seriously though, I hope he can stay healthy this year and finish strong.


Don't we all.  Holding onto this guy for 2+ months while nursing a bone bruise before dropping last year was my downfall in one league last year.  

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