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Robert Covington 2019-2020 Outlook

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The ten rules of the lord 1: I am the Lord who resides in Houston 2: Thou shall draft no other players before me 3: Thou shall make many threes 4: Thou shalt not ever doubt thy Lor

Ok, here’s some analysis.  There’s this thing called defense and he’s pretty good at it.  Defense generally translates into these things called stocks.  But there’s a lot of variance in stocks so he’s

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Really hope the Houston rumors are true or he ends up on a team with a pass first point guard. Minnesota is very frustrating to watch and RoCo is always the last option on offense which is very odd. RoCo playing with Harden and Westbrook would be fun to watch

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Lord Covington, I know Saunders is a hater and he keeps giving you weak minutes. He's just jealous of your outstanding Rotoworld thread and your cool hair. Please answer the prayers of your loyal servants and give us the 3's and stocks we've been yearning for. Let the haters hate thy Lord! Amen.

P.S. As a Christmas gift for me, can you send some blocks down my chimney? For my centers have lost their will to swat anything, you're a much better defender than any of them dreamed they could be. I'll leave you some milk and cookies for your troubles. Thanks Lord.

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