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Robert Covington 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 minute ago, PaddyAustralia said:

There are 2 sides to this guys.

More minutes easily, 30+ guaranteed for a contending team. No pure centre, more rebounds, maybe just a slight increase but more. More 3s, with attention around russ and harden, he should find himself open for more 3s, in an offence based on shooting 3s compared to the wolves' stagnant offence. More stocks, with more minutes comes more opportunities for stocks, along with the shoot early and often mentality houston has in stretches, should mean more plays for him to defend. %s will go up, guaranteed. He will be open for 80%+ of his shots, can only mean he hits more of his open looks instead of shot chucking at the end of shotclocks like he was doing at times in Minnesota.

However, he will lose usage as westbrook and harden are almost always on the floor (at least one of them). I dont see this as a big problem as he has never been a usage/shot creator guy, but it will affect little things like points and assists, which you dont have him for anyway. He WILL get random rest days as they save him for playoffs and they will want to make sure he is healthy. 

I think this makes Covington a top 40 top 30 guy the rest of the season, my prediction will be as follows
33 MINS 12.4 PTS 7.1 RBDS 1.1 ASSTS 1.9 STLS 1.1 BLCKS 3.1 THREES 43.5% FG 80.4% FT


Just a reminder, this is a prediction, but i think a fairly logical one. Don't quote me on this if he ***** the bed and doesnt live up to the hype as i am self conscious and want you guys to like me. 

Praise be unto thy LORD.

Houston, we have a covington.

it's okay. in the house of the lord all are welcome and loved.

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The ten rules of the lord 1: I am the Lord who resides in Houston 2: Thou shall draft no other players before me 3: Thou shall make many threes 4: Thou shalt not ever doubt thy Lor

Ok, here’s some analysis.  There’s this thing called defense and he’s pretty good at it.  Defense generally translates into these things called stocks.  But there’s a lot of variance in stocks so he’s

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Rocos eatin. Minny was cancer and Houston are fast paced, spacing flamethrowers. Thy lord will be run into the ground, but not before blessing us with an unholy amount of stocks. Buckle up kents!

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2 hours ago, PlayoffP said:

Any chance he plays tomorrow?

The Lord has answered your thoughts and prayers. Thanks him by placing him in your lineup and keeping thy faith. We have been rewarded for our patience and I’m prepared for further blessings in his second stint with House Rockets.

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Just now, Johnnyapplebot said:

Looking like hes going to be bad in Houston. Afterthought on offense and hes not the defender he used to be.


It's his first game with his new squad. Nothing to worry about.

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