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Robert Covington 2019-2020 Outlook


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6 minutes ago, fabrar said:

Even beyond fantasy, I'm glad to see him finally on a legit squad where his talents can be fully utilized. 

The funny thing is, I think he’d be perfect in Philly rn. He’s exactly what they need. Too bad they traded him for Jimmy who ended up leaving them for nothing. Karma is a real b*tch.

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17 minutes ago, cbsholy said:

Wow, Covington looked phenomenal in this game. Even better that he was doing all of his damage with the starters. Harden definitely looked for him whenever he was doubled and when Covington was open, he found him and made sure to get him the ball. Looking like a great fit on the Rockets, and you know hes gonna do his damage on defense regardless, as hes been showing.  

The fit is so good with Houston it’s scary. Their true small ball lineup is really something to watch. I never thought something like this could work in the NBA but the experiment is working so far. Let’s see how they’ll do against bigger teams in the playoffs once they game plan against them. I can see it going both ways, team will either kill them on the glass or the Rockets will just outshoot opponents from 3, nonetheless it’s pretty revolutionary. Other teams may follow suit if it works. Straight up no center, just thy Lord and Tucker. Fascinating.

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