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Players You Have the Most Shares Of

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Derrick Henry

If you wanted to jerk off, you simply could've closed the bedroom door.  Why you felt more comfortable doing so here, I have no idea.

Your "amazon cart?" What an oddly specific way of puffing yourself up. You could have just said your wallet like a normal egomaniac.

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I am in 4 leagues, picked 11th in three and 12th in the other. 

I was able to get Carson at the end of the 3rd in three of the four. Had I picked top 5 I also would have him on my teams, I was shocked some of the guys who went before him in the 3rd round of drafts.

Also heavily invested in AJ Green and the Dolphins duo of Parker and Wilson (garbage points still count)

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Well, I play in two leagues now but I have some overlap and here's my process.

-Kelce was part of my plan this year, I do not see a major regression coming, have never taken a TE early and thought it would be fun.

-Shady picks were in the 8-9 range and believe they were worth a shot there for upside in that offense.

-James White was taken in the 6th in both and wasn't passing with the way RB was drying up.

-Gallup was toward the end and with Cooper and his itchy foot, could payoff nicely.

-Eagles D/ST was 2nd to last round in each and play Wash at home week one, I stream.

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7 $ league breakdown 


QB: Watson x2, Mahones x2, Wentz, Brady, Trubisky, Mayfield


RB1: CMC x2, Kamara, Mixon, Bell, Gurley x2,  Connor 


RB2: Jacobs, Duke x3, Ingram, Carson, 


RB3: Breida x3, Drake x2, Singletary x2, Penny, Guice, Cohen


WR1: Juju x2, Julio


WR2: Thielen, Allen x2, Edelman x2, Cooks x3, Boyd x2, Cooper, Gordon, Godwin, Landry x2, Diggs


WR3: Watkins x2, Kirk x2, Gallup, Moncrief, Valdes, Washington x2


TE: Andrews x3, Kittle, McDonald, Engram x2, Rudolph, OJ Howard


Flex/Bench: Hunt, Conley x3, Smith, Mattison x2, Richardson x2, Parker x3, Ross x2, Green, Samuel, Jackson x2, Metcalf x3, Hamilton, Beasley x2, Pollard x2, Hill, Ballage, Coutee, Hyde, Humphries, Brown, Richard, Hardman

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5 leagues 

Zeke X2

Carson X2

Mike Evans X2

I was more focused on getting players on good offenses and actually thought about that this year.  Not exactly what this thread is asking but shakes out something like:

Cowboys: Multiple shares of Zeke

Bucs: Believer in Arians.  Evans X2 and Godwin 

Rams: Goff, Cooks, Woods

Saints: Kamara, Cook

Falcons: Julio, Matt Ryan

Packers: Adams, MVS

Steelers: Big Ben, JuJu, Moncrief flyer, Vance

Eagles: Sanders, Alshon

Chiefs: DWill, Kelce

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