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Players You Have the Most Shares Of

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Derrick Henry

If you wanted to jerk off, you simply could've closed the bedroom door.  Why you felt more comfortable doing so here, I have no idea.

Your "amazon cart?" What an oddly specific way of puffing yourself up. You could have just said your wallet like a normal egomaniac.

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6 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:


Image result for you play to win the game"


Haha, for me it’s money and bragging right for sure since both my main leagues are with all old college buddies.  For a few that moved away with families, it’s a main way we all keep in touch.

To be honest I never even noticed the Yahoo manager ratings until this year. But now that I noticed them, I have to achieve the best, haha.

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Just now, SkinsChargersFan said:

To be honest I never even noticed the Yahoo manager ratings until this year. But now that I noticed them, I have to achieve the best, haha.

I know that feel.

My high water mark was actually in baseball when they used to keep the national stack rankings.  I finished one year number 27 overall, total taco league (which I suspect most were, or populated by people with alt email addresses and traded to themselves, etc).

Now I don't really play annual leagues in any sport with people I don't know, it's just kind of vacuous.  And in money leagues people take themselves WAY too seriously in my experience.  I put up with dumb people enough at work, and I like fantasy sports because I can avoid that, haha.

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3 hours ago, GriffeySwag said:

Well, that's the discussion I was trying to create, although admittedly, it was done in a self-congratulatory fashion. Glad we're in agreement that it's mostly skill.

You seem to be oddly rustled by my post though, likely insecurity stemming from the fact that you're an inferior fantasy player to me. It's ok.

And keep in mind, this was just a thread about "players you have the most shares of".....so Zeke and Saquon aren't my only RB's lol.

I also have CMC, Cook, Fournette, Bell, Jacobs, Aaron Jones etc. on some of these teams as well lol. But ok, my RB's suck since I only have multiple shares of Zeke and Saquon.

And OJ was a blessing. Forced me to hedge my bets with Waller in one league, and stashed Hunter Henry in the rest of them.

See for yourself.

I can genuinely say no one here cares how successful you are. Furthermore, your success is not indicative to how good you are relative to anyone else here. For all we know, you play in a league full of a bunch of morons. I can't count how much times i've had some dude ask if his team is good with like 5 dudes with an ADP in the first 3 rounds. Your anecdotal evidence proves almost nothing

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1 hour ago, GriffeySwag said:

Oddly absent is your yahoo rating and level. This is the equivalent of a chubby chick only showing headshots on her profile. Don't myspace angle us bro.

-15. You peaked too soon. Hopefully your leagues offer something for winning the consolation bracket.


Oh look found a picture of you.

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