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Cease doing typical Cease stuff yet again. One of these days he'll get through innings 1 and 2 without a blowup. 29:10 K:BB over his last 5 starts (29 IP) is encouraging at least.

46 minutes ago, 4catztoomany said:

Welcome to the 30/30 club Acuña. 

I wonder if he or Yelich will be #2 after Trout next year. Put me on Team Ronald.

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6 hours ago, Marty Funkhouser said:

deGrom going full God mode tonight. Mets can’t waste that performance 

A stud he is. At one point, he fanned 8 in a row. Against the Braves and this was like the 3rd time they have seen him. I have a tough time deciding my favorite, deGrom or McNeil. So, I have a favorite hitter and pitcher! Nobody probably cares about that but probably me....Regardless, It was a nice night if you're a deGrom fan/owner, or both.

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