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Buddy Hield 2019-2020 Outlook

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I made an account just to say this: f--- Buddy Hield. I regret drafting this bum at #4 so much. He'll play get out of his slump and play better but it still won't make up for the fact that he's s

They had chemistry last year. Very competitive team. Situation looked promising. Then Luke arrived and wrecked everything. This is damage control for a disaster he created

In what universe would anyone trade Jrue for Buddy? That's a horrible offer

Chill the f--- out guys, he was bound to have a cold streak soon. He wont be this bad (my 100% guarantee) but he wont be playing like before. Expect something around 19, 4, 2 with 3 threes for the rest of year as long as fox is healthy and out of hields hands. He is too good of a shooter not to shoot 43% on the year. If you are worried wait until he drops 30 in another 3 straight and then sell high, but last year with fox he was a fantastic player averaging 20, 5 and 2.5. The emergence of Bagley should cut into his points a bit but not too much but if he can keep averaging over 3 threes and around 19 points, with decent enough peripherals, he should maintain fantastic value.

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