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RB/WR Draft Selection - WHIR

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PPR, Keeper league


I have Chubb (4th rd) and Thielen (7th rd) as keepers. I have some early round picks and need to decide out of the following groups below. Also, draft board with highlighted green picks below.


1st rd-  CMC or Zeke. [Leaning CMC]

2nd rd- Pick 1: Cooper, A Brown, K Allen, Cooks, Woods, Diggs [I am leaning the stability and high ceiling of Cooks]

3rd rd- Pick 1 (My RB3): Michel, J Jacobs, Montgomery, Kerryon, Mack [This would be my RB3 so I do lean the upside of Montgomery]

3rd rd- H Henry [I don't believe he will be there in the 4th and Kelce, Kittle, Ertz, OJ and Engram are all kept]. Go H Henry or I could take my WR3 and punt on TE til later? (Hooper, Njoku, etc.)

4th rd- Pick 2 (My WR3 & RB4): Jeffrey, M Williams, A Robinson, J White, Sanders, L Murray, DJ Moore, AJ Green [Again, I lean upside here and am thinking M Williams and Sanders, although I don't mind Murray or Robinson either]


  Chubb [K]                    
  Thielen [K]                    
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1: McCaffrey

2: Allen with AB, Diggs and Woods close behind

3: Kerryon then Mack

3: Henry

4: White and DJ Moore

Overall though, you are thinking the right way for sure. If this plays out according to plan your team will be stacked.


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1. CMC

2. Cooks slightly ahead of K. Allen because of health. 

3. Kerryon, Mack, Monty, Michele, Jacobs (I would in that order).

3. H. Henry (TE drop off is scary target Waller OAK late)

4. Williams (If you didn’t do Allen) or Robinson & J White.


Would appreciate your opinion on my Keeper post from a few minutes ago. Thanks!

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