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Hello all! I find myself in a pretty difficult decision (for me anyway), but I guess a good problem to have Nonetheless. Keeper selections are due tonight in my 12 team, .5 PPR with QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE & W/R/T Flex. I can keep 4 of the following 5 players...Nuk, Le’Veon, Conner, Cook & JuJu.

I cannot decide on a final 4 no matter what I do. The more I read player blurbs or look at rankings, the more preseason games/film I watch, I’ll find something that will change my mind, yet again. I am hoping with your help, I can come to a final consensus.

I’ve considered keeping the 3 backs and Nuk, but I can’t seem to quit JuJu. If you guys were to go Nuk, JuJu, RB, RB which of the 3 RB’s would you toss back into the player pool? 

It seems RB’s are flying off the board faster than ever this year and WR is really deep. Any help is greatly appreciated and I will help in return if you guys have anything for me.

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Hopkins, JuJu, Cook, Conner. Don't overthink it: Pick the best players for now and the future (both those RBs are younger and in better situations than Bell). There will be RB breakouts during the year and guys who outperform their ADP. WRs as a whole tend to have similar top tiers year to year. RBs are still crucial but above all go with the talent


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The WRs are locks in my opinion, so it comes down to the three RBs. A case could be made for keeping any of them. This is a good problem to have but I don't envy being in the position to have to let one of them go. I think I'd lean towards releasing Cook.  

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Nuk and JuJu are locks in a 12 team league.

Out of Cook, Bell, and Conner I would keep Conner and Bell.

I know there are O-Line concerns in NY but Bell is a pretty darn good RB. I think Darnold will be good enough to keep Defenses honest.

I admit Cook is an interesting option with the Zone blocking scheme in Minny but he has not stayed on the field the past two seasons. 

Thanks for your help with mine. 

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