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Just drafted - How did I do?

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I drafted in the #8 slot of a 10 team .5 PPR league.  Results were as follows:

1:8 - Michael Thomas

2:3 - Julio Jones

3:8 - Leonard Fournette

4:3 - Stephan Diggs

5:8 - Tyler Lockett

6:3 - Sony Michel

7:8 - Jared Cook

8:3 - Lamar Miller (word on his ACL came out after the draft was done)

9:8 - Marvin Jones, Jr

10:3 - Jared Goff

11:8 - Rams D/ST

12:3 - Jamison Crowder

13:8 - Jordan Reed 

14:3 - Darrell Henderson

15:8 - Robbie Gould

I am open to all thoughts and criticisms.

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I don't love waiting on RBs but you executed decently considering the incredible value on Michel. Still, that position will be a thorn for you, especially considering Fournette and Michel's health concerns. I would look to move Diggs or Lockett for help at the position. Henderson and Goff were nice grabs though I do not love Cook. Overall, you got some nice values but the RB position is a gaping enough hole that the team overall is hard to grade until it is settled. You certainly have the WR depth to address it


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