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Seen this team on Twitter from this past week

I think I'm done with this ****. Overpaid for Chase via trade and dropped Drake in the process. Same guy that I got Chase from had picked up Drake as a FA. He just messaged me asking if I'm inter

Mods afraid to unlock that Boone thread. 

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Ugh. Just everything. 

Most frustrated with myself. Got in a big internet argument against the whole reddit dynasty community about how undervalued Lindsay was going into this week... Then I went ahead and benched him because he was ranked so low everywhere for whatever reason. 

There's nothing worse than the feeling of not having the courage of your convictions when you were right all along. 

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I jokingly clowned another guy in our draft that he would go 0-16 after he bragged about his team.


3 weeks later and I’m sitting here, 0-2 and just lost Saquon. Good chance I lose this week, now a legit chance I could go 0-16. In the end the only person I clowned was myself.

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carson and conner looking like another bust week from them smh... and here I thought I was loaded at rb with those 2 clowns dj,  gordon and M Sanders.

close match but looking like an L this week unless I get some production from my guys..

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