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Seen this team on Twitter from this past week

I think I'm done with this ****. Overpaid for Chase via trade and dropped Drake in the process. Same guy that I got Chase from had picked up Drake as a FA. He just messaged me asking if I'm inter

Mods afraid to unlock that Boone thread. 

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6 minutes ago, Godeep said:

McCaffrey and Locket just put 66 up on me... 0-3

I just had McCaff and Evans go off against me. 


Kittle and Sony have been worthless. Gurley and Woods haven’t done that great. Need a combined 200+ yards and 3 TDs to even make it close tonight. I’m likely falling to 1-2. 

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I just had a magical sunset dinner at an expensive waterfront restaurant.  The tenderloin was perfectly done.  I'm on cloud nine right now.  Not gonna check my fantasy scores until tomorrow because I know they'll spoil the mood.

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3 hours ago, Savatage79 said:

I have to say I do better when I stay away from this board during the pre season. My God the amount of hype and whiffs on players is staggering, so easy to fall into it 


Absolutely this, and not just during the pre-season. You have to take everything with an enormous dose of salt.

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D/STs. I mean, I get why it happened, and it makes sense, but when my Seahawks D/ST goes up against his Saints D/ST, and the final score is 27-33, it's a bit annoying when he gets 15.3pts and I get 3.3. And thus, a guaranteed loss.

Genuinely starting to hate using them at all.

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Total points for my six bench position players: 80 (McCoy, Mixon, DJ Moore, Kupp, Mike Williams, Waller), with Kupp still playing

Total points for my six starting position players: 43 (Carson, Hyde, Hopkins, Hardman, J. Brown, Andrews) (I only have one QB, so no comparison there)

Amount of time I wasted researching my lineup trying to avoid this happening to me AGAIN this week, for about the 12th week in a row dating back to last season: about 5 hours

Probable record after tomorrow: 0-3

Moral of the story: I'm an effing joke.

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and another TD for Kupp, bringing my bench up to about 90 points, more than double my starters. Opponent is starting Goff. This is torture. Every decision I made between starters and bench backfired, and if I'd gotten any of them right I'd probably be able to win my game. 0-3.

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