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Nap Time

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5 hours ago, Chest-Rockwell said:


God's honest truth. It was rushed. I lost track of time and realized I had to get to where I needed to go; and if I were to get there, it'd have been right then and there I'd need to have gone to get where I was going.

So I threw some s**t on a wall and wrapped it up without editing, knowing I still had several 3/4 fleshed-out sequences that I hadn't yet tied together at the time.

That's how I operate. Although normally, for whatever I've concocted, I don't dare submit that s**t 'til I've done that last part. Otherwise, I'd come across as relatively retarded, but mostly just autistic, possibly aspergers.

None of which - I repeat, NONE - of which I am or have. Not that there'd be anything wrong with that if I did. But nah, I can assure you, just your standard ADD. Textbook really.

So that explains what you saw in that earlier post. Also explains the Aderall and the my having ADD thing. That too.

But Aaron Rodgers and Marquez Valdes-Scantling for Patty Mahomes and Cooper Kupp?? I mean you sh**in' me with that!? What a cockstain

wait, didn’t you trade kupp for tyreke in an earlier rant? 

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6 hours ago, Nyblazer11235 said:

wait, didn’t you trade kupp for tyreke in an earlier rant? 


Yes, I did. Multiple different leagues. 

I have a ton of Cooper Kupp stock this season. Which is a good thing.

I also have a lot of Patrick Mahomes stock. Which was a good thing.

I also own parts of or all of the Kansas City Chiefs backfield practically everywhere. Not as good of a thing. Not then, not now, and probably not ever. Swiiiing a miss. And when I say practically everywhere, I’m talking all over the damn place. You spot a Chiefs running back somewhere - whether it be on TV or shopping down at the local supermarket - it is overwhelmingly likely that he’s on my fantasy football team. One of em anyway.

The league you’re referring to (the one where I accepted an offer to receive Tyreek & Tyrell Williams, giving up just Kupp) is the league I’m living in utter gluttony with Kansas City Chiefs. Although, more like dying in gluttony now. 

Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, McCoy, Damien Williams...and Darrel Williams too for good measure. No bueno.

It’s the only league I have Tyreek in, thanks to that trade. Also only spot I have Kelce. (Hooper and/or Waller everywhere else). Got my work cut out for me in that one.

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16 minutes ago, yossarian said:

That feeling you get when you own Chase Edmonds in both your leagues and benched him in one and started him in another--and then you look at that league and realize you benched him last night for Scary Terry and had forgotten about it. 


Johnson was named the starter this morning, so I wouldn't have blamed anybody for sitting Edmonds even if you made the decisions today.  They didn't say Johnson was going to be the starter in name only.


13 minutes ago, bomont said:

I know it's only end of 1Q but I have 4 guys with goose eggs so far INCLUDING Barkley. wtf

As do I.  Boyd, Golladay, and Waller with nothing so far.  I have Jacksonville's D, but still counting them as a 0 since they are a defense (with 0 sacks or turnovers).

Coming into the week, I was projected to get 129 points.  After Mahomes getting hurt and having a goose egg 1st quarter, I am now sitting at a 101 point projection...

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10 minutes ago, NyjersInParis said:

played marvin jones all year and finally sat him this week

Ouch. Double ouch actually. That’s Corey Davis level stuff right there. You draft him and start him and he sucks. But you stick with him and stay the course the next week. And then again the next week. And the week after that, and the week after that and so on. Sucking the whole way through, each and every week. And then, when you finally mercifully waive the white flag and bench him, he goes off. And now all that that remains for you to complete the full Corey Davis cycle would be for you to re-insert Jones back into your lineup next week, so he can go back to his regularly scheduled programming of 3 for 29.

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