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Seen this team on Twitter from this past week

I think I'm done with this ****. Overpaid for Chase via trade and dropped Drake in the process. Same guy that I got Chase from had picked up Drake as a FA. He just messaged me asking if I'm inter

Mods afraid to unlock that Boone thread. 

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Went up against Bailey last night, opponent picked up Ty Johnson (whose gonna put up RB1 numbers against the Giants), and my K. Allen and J. Jacobs might not even suit up. Fourth loss in a row imminent, and I haven't won a fantasy game in October since 2017 !

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Already down 48.4 points; going against Cook and Diggs this week.

The worst about it is Im going against my boss from my previous job. He wasnt happy about me leaving for my new current job and Im sure hes had a great morning today.

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Sure glad I finally sat Mixon and picked up Ty Johnson, and also picked up the Rams defense to use today. Every week like clockwork I get it 100% wrong.


I actually think I control what happens in real life - whatever I do on my fantasy team, the opposite of what I think then comes true. What am I even supposed to learn from these experiences? I started Mixon forever and lost game after game doing it - and the three times I've sat him now he's scored a TD every time. FML times a billion.

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So with me having Mahomes, Josh Gordon, D-Jax and Davante Adams on one squad and clearly in need of filling WR and QB slots due to a multitude of injuries to WRs and my beloved QB, naturally I decide go out and pick up a Titans stack of Tannehill, Corey Davis, and AJ Brown to trot out there for an anticipated matchup against the terrible, no good, very bad Tampa Bucs secondary. And therefore, naturally, said Titans stack proceeds to go out and throw up robust combined effort of 46 yds passing and 1 catch for 1 yard (Notice that’s 1 yard. “Yard” as in singular. Can’t even attach the ‘s’ to pluralize it without being disingenuous) over the course of the first half.

Again, to recap, that’s 46 yards passing, 1 catch, 1 yard....at the half....against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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6 minutes ago, pdog109 said:

Benched Engram for Henry.

Henry doing poop, Evans just scored a TD.

Could have had Evans in the flex like i did last week instead have Ekeler in the flex doing squat. i hate my life

Yeah it must suck to have to choose between Evans and Ekeler for a flex spot. Poor guy.

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