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What makes devante Parker better than both Lockett and evans combined? How can teams take out Evans and Lockett completely but cannot stop Parker even though he is their only receiver?

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Seen this team on Twitter from this past week

I think I'm done with this ****. Overpaid for Chase via trade and dropped Drake in the process. Same guy that I got Chase from had picked up Drake as a FA. He just messaged me asking if I'm inter

Mods afraid to unlock that Boone thread. 

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14 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

Ugh, just another crappy week.  Seems like every week my guys have terrible matchups or just plain suck.  Couldn't get 1 damn TD from Foles and Carr.

Yeah, Carr basically ended my season.

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In recognition of some outstanding performances during this critical time of the fantasy season when playoff births are won and lost, I submit the following list of nicknames for those players whose performances were especially notable...


Matty Bonejobs-The Iceman cometh, and he didn’t pull out.

Mikey Bonejobs- Congrats on your 6th consecutive 1K. Never bench your season enders

DK Bonejob- What exactly does DK stand for anyway? Donkey Kick, to the nuts of fantasy owners everywhere.

JJ Bonejob- Me and Julio down by the school yard, boning owners on the crosswalk.

Saquon Bonejob- My ADP reflects the vigor with which I shall bone thee.

Amari Bonejob- Raiders, Cowboys... new city, same bonejob.

Bonejob Wilson- MVB

TY Bonejob- Next time you stay at a Hilton resort, use the promo code “BONEJOB” for early check out.

Bonejob Jacobs- Joshua 6:1-27- “Thy walk hand in hand with he who hath boned thee.”

Dak Bonejob- “Man who trust man named Dak, deserve bonejob.”


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3 hours ago, Dr. Whom said:

What makes devante Parker better than both Lockett and evans combined? How can teams take out Evans and Lockett completely but cannot stop Parker even though he is their only receiver?

Bucs pivoted to Godwin when Evans was double. Seattle goes to the ground game and supporting cast. Dolphins have no one else. 

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I have to vent a bit about Saquan Barkley who was projected to put up almost 20 points in my league and he gave me 8 which was less then Sony Michel who had 8.5. Actually other than the pathetic performance from Matt Ryan who was suppose to have a great game Barkley was the lowest scoring player on my team.

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2 hours ago, 99-percent-sure said:

That Wilson airball over Hollister's head really did me in. I had both of them, and instead of being up about 10 now I'm losing going into tomorrow night with my opponent having the Rams defense and me having Cooper Kupp. Tough, tough season.


Not over yet. Rams defense might get 0.

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I started Russell Wilson, Saquon, Jacobs, OBJ, Chark, Griffin, and Guice against Mayfield, Singletary, Royce Freeman, DJ Moore, Lockett, Waller, and Scarborough.  I was projected to win fairly convincingly, so I thought it would be close.  I didn’t think I’d be down by more than 20 with my opponent still having Greg the Leg still to play and me having nothing going into tomorrow!  Holy Underperformances Batman!

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In a 12 team dynasty PPR, my team with Lamar, Devonte Adams, OBJ, Kamara, Gurley, Kelce, Kittle, Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, David Johnson, and DK Metcalf will be missing playoffs (6 spots). I am 2nd in the league in points while also in 2nd for points scored against...this rarely happens since not having to play yourself as a good team makes the strength of schedule take a hit. Two weeks ago, I dropped the highest point total in my league's 5 year history during a week when I played the league's worst team, where pretty much an average performance would have secured me a win. I forgot to set my lineup one week during the entire season and I would have narrowly won that matchup by 2-5 points. That matchup will end up costing me a playoff spot.

Yahoo projected my team to go 13-0 on draft day and when looking at weekly predictions I was only predicted to lose one matchup the entire season (by 1 point noless). If I had won this would have been a three-peat for me. I would likely have the #1 pick if I win my league's consolation bracket, but I traded it away for David Johnson in order to double down on my championship pursuits.


Rough season for me, good thing it wasn't a money league. I will end the season at either 4-9 or 5-8.

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My 3 WRs got me a total of 8 points yesterday. Thanks Amari Cooper, for your 1 whole target and 0 catches, you scored me less than Josh Gordon's 2 points.

But wait, there's more! I have Cooks going tonight, so I'm not expecting anymore than his usual 2-3 points before getting hurt.

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11 hours ago, JCDaly said:

Went to the Derek Carr well one too many times


Yup, he deserves a nickname too......

Hey, I’ve got one......how about...... Bonejobs McGee. Carr reportedly lifted a page outta Hoodie’s book and put a saying on his locker that reads, “Do Your Bonejob”. Mission accomplished, Derek.

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