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2019 Vent & Rant Thread

Nap Time

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27 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

My team is absolutely going off. Watson. Winston. Aaron Jones. ARob.

Top scoring team of the week by a ton.... One week after I missed the playoffs by one spot. 



A couple years ago I lost in the first round and then put up 180+ in half ppr the next week, even left 20 points from Desean on the bench. In 7 years of my league its still never been beat. One of my least favorite weeks of fantasy ever.

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2 hours ago, Randy_Rancourtt said:

Had Pascal in as my flex at 12:57 then subbed him out. Hopefully Metcalf can have an okay game. 

I did the same thing. Subbed Pascal out for Marvin freaking Jones. 

Could have used the points differential there. Thanks to Garropolo's explosion on what used to be a defense in NOL I'm ahead by 5. Still facing Zeurline. Season coming down to  a hair.


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48 minutes ago, yanki01 said:



started Josh Allen over Brees. that's how my season is ending.

I truly love this thread...coming in here and seeing I'm not the only poor soul who benched Brees is the only comfort I have right now...man this s--t hurts.  Guy's laid some legit turds recently and now does this?  Oh well, its only fake football right?

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