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Roster setting mistake in my original post re "taker" league on Yahoo, $50, draft after Labor Day

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I had a brain fart and typed the flex position as QB/WR.  It's a traditional flex of RB/WR.  So if this made you take a pass the first time you looked at it (as it would for me), please take another look.

Here's the correct description:

The main idea is this: when you beat a team head to head, you get to take one player from that team and add him to your team, and send a player from your roster back to the loser. It's a LOT of fun. This makes for a very engaging, even addicting, format.

The more general details (and I'm flexible on most of them) are: 

.5 PPR 


standard Yahoo! scoring settings 

$50 dues, collected through LeagueSafe

8-12 teams, depending upon interest 

pot split 2-1 between winner and runner-up 


Snake draft 

Draft September 3 or 4 (league vote-- currently set for September 3) 


Waivers are run in reverse order of standings each week, to keep lower-performing teams engaged.


Of course, let me know if you have any questions. 

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1 hour ago, bagz909 said:

Is there still an opening? Also, how does the taker system work? Like could I give you a kicker for Hopkins if I beat you, or is it something like within 3 rounds of drafted? 

Yes, there are still 2 openings.  There aren't any limitations, so you could send your kicker for Hopkins.  I have a friend who made a point of only sending his kicker when I played this format before.

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