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Andre Drummond 2019-2020 Outlook

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18 minutes ago, CFN said:

Man, this is truly one of the weirdest developments I've seen in fantasy sports. Never seen a somewhat lateral trade just destroy an elite player like this (fantasy wise). Fingers crossed he can somehow turn it around. C'mon man.

I mean he has decent big men to contend with, where when he's sucking the coach can throw them out there and provide a more versatile skill set.  Going to a new team is difficult enough, but right after he gets there the coach is gone, and he's being outplayed by three other big men it seems.  Combine this with Drummond's supposed weak mentality that the Pistons fan mentioned and it all makes sense I guess.

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I am just admiring this from afar. Congrats to all who does have him. Wow what a line!!!!

Plus: Detroit is always fighting for the 8 spot in the East and he is never hurt. A big plus especially in the fantasy playoffs.

LOL @ this joke of a blurb by rotoworld. You mean to tell me someone ranked 12th in 9cat is worth rostering? Damn I was thinking about dropping him.   Had Drummond not fouled out, he like

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9 minutes ago, Monkeyking69 said:

lol I know they don't have plays for him man... 😂 Garland and porter are the boys looking out for him ... sexton trash 

Sexton should be their 6th man like clarkson was. He can chuck up shots off the bench. They should start Garland, KPK, Nance, Love, Drummond.

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