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Kyrie Irving 2019-2020 Outlook

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Woah there. Some things are more important than bouncing a rubber up and down. Let the man grief.

I got into an argument with my girlfriend and missed my first three picks. Kyrie was autodrafted. She's lucky I love her, because this is bullshit.

Wow.  Traded Doncic for him.  RIP my season

7 hours ago, c0penhagen said:

Anyone find any sort of update at all if he’s going to even play again this season?

I'm beginning to wonder if he died and the Nets are just Weekend-at-Bernie's-ing this whole situation 

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I joked when I compared him to Fultz's situation but I wonder if something similar is going on.


It's been like three months and they still feel the need to say that no surgery is needed but he hasn't even started practicing. Could be some nerve issue and that Kyrie and the nets want to try to fix it through PT and massage.

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3 minutes ago, IDatDude said:

Yeah...that’s pretty grim. Confirmed: season long headache to own...even when back 😖 

You think he's even coming back this season at all? I have the feeling he sits out ros. Really hoping he won't, I need him. 

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12 minutes ago, Quazza said:

only just NOW having a cortizone is a bit of a joke. Still not convinced that there isn't a whole lot more going on here


Yeah i do think it's very possible there's a mental health factor here they are trying to conceal, particularly in light of his social media outburst. If that is the case, hopefully he's getting the support he needs.

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21 minutes ago, jdotb said:

I think he out for the season.. Every update was worse than the last one. I think they knew his season was done, the nets just taking care of him. Im desperately tryna trade him lol

Good luck with that. After his recent interview with the media nobody wants to touch him. Way too much risk at this point. 

Just gotta ride it out & hope he doesn’t fall off the flat earth.

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so we have a timetable of 2 weeks - 2 months - 4 months -_- (FWIW relief from cortisone shots take anywhere from immediate relief to couple weeks not couple months. If it does take that long then the cortisone shot did not work.) This is getting annoying, but shoulder injuries like back injuries can be ongoing, you might feel better and good to go one day then feel like **** the next, so I get why the timeline is so vague. All we can hope for is that the Nets provide more consistent updates at least then what they have been doing.

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