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Kyrie Irving 2019-2020 Outlook

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Woah there. Some things are more important than bouncing a rubber up and down. Let the man grief.

I got into an argument with my girlfriend and missed my first three picks. Kyrie was autodrafted. She's lucky I love her, because this is bullshit.

Wow.  Traded Doncic for him.  RIP my season

37 minutes ago, Simsanityy179 said:

MCL sprain , no word yet on the level (1-3) of sprain 


I think we dodged a bullet boys , only 5 games the next 3 weeks. Safe to say we’ll get him after that 

7 games in the next 3 weeks. Kyrie will probably back after ASB.

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On 2/2/2020 at 9:07 PM, DezedandConfused said:

As long as he's back before fantasy po. 4/4 if u have a bye 1st week where they only play 2 games.


50 minutes ago, FantasyBallFan said:

Exactly why i'm looking to buy.

and with Washington creeping into the playoff race , there’s more reasoning for kyrie to be out there during March 

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58 minutes ago, sixers11 said:

Just traded LaVine for this guy. Hope I dont regret it. I'm in first place looking at a bye week so the 4 and 4 games in the playoffs looked great compared to LaVines 3 and 3. 

I gave up Kemba, feel comfortable with the risk/reward.

Heres to hoping hes on court by week 2 of playoffs!

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I feel the odds of Kyrie playing a 4 game week, especially 2 weeks in a row is very low. The narrative of BKLN needing him to make the playoffs is over-hyped considering he has missed most of the season and they are 5 games out of 9th (and the Wizards are not making a push). If they actually care about the playoffs, it would be better to have Kyrie able to actually play in the playoffs. I traded him and TJ Warren for John Collins (+ Josh Okogie who was dropped lol) and have 0 regrets as I battle for the playoffs. It would probably have to be a 4th rounder for me to be willing to take a swing on Kyrie. But I think the only scenario that happens is if the 1st place team is crushing everyone and I need a hail mary or I am comfortably in 3rd-6th but know finishing in the money will be difficult as is. 

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24 minutes ago, Fantasyscrub said:

Gave up Doncic for him :(  Wasn't happy with Luka's 55% ft shooting 

👀 Oh my. 

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