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This is a $150 buy in redraft full point PPR league with 12 teams and I was the 8 pick. Here it is:

  • QB: Jared Goff
  • RB: Chris Carson
  • RB: Melvin Gordon
  • WR: Davante Adams
  • WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • TE: Evan Engram
  • Flex: Mike Williams
  • DST: Houston
  • K: Matt Prater
  • BN:Darrius Guice
  • BN:D.J. Moore
  • BN: Darrell Henderson
  • BN: Ronald Jones
  • BN: Alexander Mattison
  • BN:Darren Waller


I tried to get ekeler in the 6th round but got taken right before my turn :(

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I would feel good about this team. Hopefully Guice can become a god for you. He looked explosive from what I've seen and maybe just takes a few weeks to take over that backfield. Father time always wins and Guice is young and fresh and AP (with the upmost respect) is old and has the milage. A SWITCH would be pretty good for your fantasy football dreams.



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I see your team as plus or at least capable at every position besides RB. I get the temptation of Gordon but I really would have avoided that situation. So much uncertainty there. I do not trust Guice and would strongly consider trading Engram for an RB and rolling with Waller as TE-who I think will be a Jared Cook like option with some good game scripts for production. I just think TE is a better position to take a flyer on than RB. Beyond that, your depth looks good: Moore is an elite bench piece and Mattison and especially Henderson could have nice value if some not all that unlikely things happen. Overall though in a 12T being capable at 3/4 position groups makes this middle level team that can be a playoff one with an RB upgrade, whether by hitting on waivers or making a deal


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