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Free 30 Team H2H Dynasty Fantrax

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30-Team - H2H 8 Cats - 15 man rosters - 10 starters - salary cap enforced - Annual rookie draft - draft pick trading throughout

We have a great league that has been running for 8 years now, and it is active year round. This is a group of pure degenerates and is the most active year round dynasty league that I have for any sport. There are always trade talks going on in our GroupMe chat.

If you're a hardcore fantasy owner with 30-team experience, leave your email and I'll email you more info. If "active" to you is just setting your lineup and you don't like to chat w leaguemates regularly, this isn't the league for you. We want the guys who prioritize fantasy hoops right after breathing.

The vacant team is really promising, too. Lillard, Spida, Bam, Shai, CP3, ZCollins, etc...


If you're not the first to respond, it's ok. The first responder may not work out, and I'll also look back here when any vacancy opens in the future.

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I might be interested if another spot opens up. No 30-team experience, but am in 20 and 24 team dynasties. Also, how do your salary cap rules work? I am curious both from interest in the league and since I have seen a lot of poorly designed salary leagues and am interested in what is good for your league's rules.

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