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Keeper help/opinion needed (WHIR)

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In a 10 team PPR where we can keep one guy based on the round he was picked in. We start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FL, K and DST. Only caveat is we set a 5th round min for player (I.E.  even if I took Todd Gurley in round 15 he’d cost me a 5th round pick). These are my options:


Zach Ertz, round 4, 31st overall


James Connor, round 5, 50th overall


Adam Thielen, round 3, 30th overall


Marlon Mack, round 5/50


Aaron Jones, round 5/50


I am leaning towards Ertz because TE is such a black hole beyond him, Kittle (who is being kept) and Kelce. I like Connors at 50 but am worried he’ll split carries with Samuels. What say you good people?

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I would take the hit at TE and keep Conner at #50 overall, which is incredible value. It sucks to not have the security of one of those top three TE's this year, but I don't think you can afford not to hold onto Conner at that price. I don't think Samuels is going to eat into Conner's workload enough to be concerned here.



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Conner in the 5th. He has a 1st round ADP, early 2nd at the worst. If are concerned about TE then "reach" for Kittle or Ertz in the 3rd since it seems you have the 1.2 pick.

Just realized you are in a 10 team so you probably have the 1.10 pick. Grab Kelce then.



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