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Post Draft Blockbuster Deal. WHIR

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12 Team PPR blockbuster   

Should I pull the trigger?

Makes my WR core insane, but leaves my RB depth full of young guys that may need an injury to be real productive 


I give up :


D Cook

D Freeman 

S Watkins 

M Valdez Scantling

G Olsen


I receive:


T Hill 

D Montgomery 

C Godwin 

D Thompson 

D Singletary 


Post Trade Roster :

QB - L Jackson 

RB - A Jones 

RB - D Montgomery 

WR - T Hill 

WR - T Lockett 

WR - C Godwin

TE - T Kelce 

Flex - A Robinson 



QB - Cam Newton 

RB - D Thompson

RB - D Singletary

RB - D Harris 

RB - CJ Anderson 

WR - Robby Anderson 

TE - Dallas Goedert

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On 8/27/2019 at 8:20 AM, PapaBravo224 said:

Should I pull the trigger?

I rate them as follows (putting similar positions side by side):

T Hill >> S Watkins 

D Thompson << D Freeman 

D Montgomery < D Cook

C Godwin > M Valdez Scantling

D Singletary ~ G Olsen

I think the trade is a reasonable deal, but I would love to get rid of the injury concerns of Cook and Freeman. Given that you don't need Olsen, I'd take that trade.

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