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2019 Team Defense / Special Teams / Streaming Thread


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7 minutes ago, HTXMade said:

Currently have Jax in the lineup.  Eagles DEF vs Lions and Cardinals DEF vs Panthers are available.

 Which one would yall go with?


Eagles D is a little banged up at the moment and with Cam out I could see CAR just using CMC all game and him tearing it up against AZ - I’d probably roll with Jax.

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23 hours ago, fightmilk said:


I was rolling with GB until I saw someone dropped LAC, so I made the swap. While I don’t feel overly confident with them this week, I think they still have a good shot to perform decently. 

It’s always tricky for me to roster 2 dsts with shallow benches and I guess if you had to drop someone out of the bunch, it’d be Thompson. Personally I’d rather just hold and roll the dice but that’s just me. 

I'm in the same situation. I have both Chargers and Packers defense. I was going to play Green Bay this week but someone in my league dropped McLaurin. I put in a waiver for him to drop Green Bay's defense. I like that play better than the Chargers, but I can't decide what player to drop for McLaurin so I decided to just not carry 2 defenses.

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7 hours ago, yanksman said:

Don't play the same defense in both leagues (TEN).

Have to stare at two zeroes all weekend now. 


Eeesh I hate when that happens. Luckily I played Titans in only one, & the other I have SanFran D , for reasons such as this. Unless it's a surefire play like NE vs MIA for example .. I've learned my lesson lol . Don't fret it too much tho, hopefully both your teams go off this weekend. 

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On 9/18/2019 at 9:21 AM, GurleyTHIRTY said:

Grabbed the Chargers...this week isn't great, but they might be a defense worth holding onto for a few weeks...

Week 3: vs Texans
Week 4: @ Dolphins
Week 5: vs Broncos
Week 6: vs Pittsburgh
Week 7: @ Titans
Week 8: @ Chicago



That's a pretty nice run of matchups!

Think I'll be moving on from my Cowboys defense to the Chargers next week :)

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