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2019 Team Defense / Special Teams / Streaming Thread


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4 hours ago, Icehot15 said:

Week 14: GB or Philly?

Can't trust Philly anymore, no matter what. Fitzmagic-Parker is a nice combo, but that's all they have and it was enough to put 37 on them, which is just inexcusable against a turnover-prone, sloppy offense with a crappy OL.

GB on the other hand is at homs, which is a huge boost to them, especially in December. I fully expect Haskins to be overwhelmed and turn it over early and often.

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46 minutes ago, Mr_Baller said:

Philly looks like a real bust but as I have a first round bye, Philly was my plan for week 15 vs. WAS. (NO for week 16 vs. TEN)

So time to overthink week 15:  GB vs. CHI? HOU vs. TEN? BUF vs. PIT?

I like Buff.

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43 minutes ago, squidthunder said:

Hey fellas

Week 14 bye here, so I'm trying to look ahead for 15 and 16 

Currently got Ravens  - week 15 vs. Jets, week 16 @ Cle

I'm kinda liking that setup unless u think there's a better option to grab

Ravens have been playing lights out. I would just stick with them

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