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2019 Completed Trades Thread

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So in spite of everyone telling you what a crappy move it is to veto your old deal and make a new one you decided it was a good move? If Mack outperforms Kerryon next couple of weeks maybe you can red

Got Godwin for Breida straight up. 

Traded away Mixon received Odell

Just traded Lindsay & Kerryon Johnson for Elliott. Losing the depth may bite me in the a** but I’m hoping having Elliott and Gordon as my starters rest of season gives me a better chance. 

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I've had a number of them this year.  1st trade was after week 1 I gave up Ekeler & Sutton for Cam and D Henry.  After week 2 I gave up Breida for Engram.  After week 3 I gave up Pollard for Penny (Carson on my team) After week 4 I gave up Adams and Waller for Amari and Boyd.  After week 5 I gave up Conner and Boyd for Julio & M Sanders.  So to sum it all up I have traded away Ekeler, Sutton, Breida, Pollard, D Adams, Waller, & Conner for Cam ( who I've since dropped ), D Henry, Engram, Penny, Amari, Julio, & M Sanders.  The guy I traded Adams to knew he was hurt at the time of the trade.  

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8 hours ago, Athebaby7 said:

Wait you are the guy that is the commissioner of his league and vetoed your own trade just to low ball even more and bragged about it. get off this thread. 

He is 😂 This mans a damn fool. Get him outta here. 

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