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Only need 3 to fill New H2H Points league. $50 Fantrax

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  • Brand new league. $50 buy-in on Fantrax Treasurer. FT premium fee has already been paid. 12 Teams, Draft type is slow draft. Draft to start as soon as league fills. The 4 of us first members are newbies to Fantasy Hockey. We have several GMs who are in Sweden so we must use slow draft with the time differences. Currently set up as a Keeper with 5 keepers, but we can change this. H2H Points , roster and settings below:

 We also have a league dedicated Discordia chat site.

League Join URL (copy & paste this to use):

Type in Swedes Rule in ID/ password field. 

It's set up as a 12 team league, but can be adjusted to down to 10 depending on response.

Please leave email here, DM me for invite or you can email me at randyvanooyen@gmail.com


Center (C)   3  
Left Wing (LW)   3  
Right Wing (RW)   3  
Forward (F)   2  
Defense (D)   5  
Skater (Skt)   1  
Goalie (G)   2  

Position Eligibility



Scoring Group Scoring Category Points
Skaters Assists (A) 2
Skaters Faceoffs Won (FOW) 0.3
Skaters Goals (G) 3
Skaters Hits (Hit) .25
Skaters Penalty Minutes (PIM) 0.5
Skaters Short Handed Goals (SHG) 2
Skaters Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.5
Skaters Power Play Points (PPP) 1
Goalies Assists (A) 3
Goalies Goals Against (GA) -1
Goalies Penalty Minutes (PIM) 0.5
Goalies Saves (SV) 0.25
Goalies Shutouts (SHO) 5
Goalies Wins (W) 5



  • Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes
  • Lineup changes are executed: Daily
  • Lineup Changes are locked 0:05(hours:minutes) Set amount of time before each player's game of the day



  • Division:
  • Draft Type: Live Online Standard (Regular & Slow)
  • # of rounds: 25
  • Draft Date: Sun Sep 8 2019, 4:00AM PDT (TENTATIVE- Will start when league fills!)
  • Time limit per pick: 3 hours
  • All teams will have the same # of players as the # of rounds when draft ends: No
  • Immediately pick for owners not present in draft room: No
  • Fill rosters legally when drafting: Yes
  • Draft order type: Random - Snake/Serpentine
  • Undrafted players go to the: Waiver Wire



Keeper League


  • Keeper league Type: Keeper
  • Maximum keepers allowed: 5



  • League Entry: $50.00



Name: Championship
Rank By: Fantasy Points  



Place Cash
1 $225
2 $125
3 $75
4 $50
5 $25


Most Fantasy Points (prior to playoffs) $100


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