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Drop RB Singletary for RB Harris (I'm a Sony Michel owner) - WHIR

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A guy in my league just dropped NE RB Damien Harris. As a Sony Michel owner, this has my attention as he seems to be his most likely handcuff.

But there aren't any players I just drafted who I really want to drop (see roster in signature). I like Winston because I drafted him at great value and he's good insurance for Wentz. I don't want to drop any of my WRs because they are all starters on their respective teams.

The only player I can think of dropping for him would be Singletary since he's the only player on my roster who is not a starter (Jordan Howard will be in a timeshare with Miles Sanders but he will get his carries).

I like Singletary for his potential and drafted him hoping he'll eventually rise to the top of the depth chart, but he does have a lot of veteran competition in McCoy, Gore, and Yeldon.

Both Singletary and Harris are 3rd round picks so I imagine BUF and NE want them to see the field this season.


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So my opinion as a Sony owner, i would absolutely own Harris. I have Sony in 4 leagues and Harris as well. Honestly if something did happen I don’t think anyone really knows if Harris would be “the guy” but I pick him up. I like Singletary high side but honestly who knows what will happen there as well. Are they gonna cut or trade shady or maybe Yeldon. If that even happen would he split with the others. I’d still like to own him as a lotto ticket but if it means having alittle more security with Sony I’d do it 

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Hey guys, just wanna say a big thank you to all of you. Since Harris was cut by another owner, he was subject to waivers that would not process until tomorrow, so I knew I could put in the claim and just monitor final cuts and cancel the waiver claim in necessary (which I have now totally done!)

UcanTry, really appreciate you following up on this post too! Very thoughtful of you.

I must admit I'm hesitant to drop Jordan Howard for Harris. I have until tomorrow to mull it over since, as I mentioned, Harris is on waivers. I have Melvin Gordon but if he holds out I might need Howard, as he's sure to get more playing time early in the season than Harris. Then again, if Singletary is a solid flex option...

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