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12-Team $500 (400+100) NFL.com league drafting 9/04 at 8pm EST


League Settings $500 (400+100) league. $400 of all buy-ins go towards the main pot ($4,800) and $100 will go towards the competitive pot ($1200). The competitive fee incentivizes everyone to stay active all season and the top 5 players all win money in some form or fashion. Here's how it works:


Main Pot: $4,800 Champion: $2,800 2nd Place: $1,400 3rd Place: $500 4th Place: $100

Competitive Pot: $1,200 Most Points (weeks 1-13😞 $500 2nd Most Points: $350 3rd Most Points: $200 4th Most Points: $100 5th Most Points: $50

6 teams make the playoffs: Playoffs start week 14.

Default waiver rules. This will keep league competitive as well.  I'm willing to listen to an auction option as well.

Draft will be this Wednesday, September 4th at 8pm.  All rosters should be set by then.  Serious players only.  

I've participated in leagues using this site and I've ran leagues off-site for 15 years. Let's get to work.


Or click here to sign up on the web:https://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoincreateteam?leagueId=7848241&leaguePassword=Unbiased

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