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11 minutes ago, ArtistPain said:

So he’s had a better more consistent season than 19/20 top WRs 

Hmm, I don’t know if I’d go that far. I mean, take away his big Week 3, and he’s giving you consistent DJ Moore/Christian Kirk numbers. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not spectacular. Chris Godwin is averaging 10 more points per game than Lockett, and that’s with a 7 pointer. Kupp is still averaging 5 more points per week, and that’s with a 5 point game. Lockett has been perfectly fine, but to say he’s having a better, more consistent season than any WR outside Michael Thomas is simply false. 

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Not me. I am starting again next week and will enjoy his 70 yard touchdown with my early morning Tea & Crumpets.

I've read a few expert reviews stating he should be a #3 WR going forward.  Maybe it's just me but I think Stills is being underrated.  He wouldn't necessarily be a weekly starter for me but regardles

Starting over Lockett.

Julio had 2 duds, deandre 2 duds, Davante and Tyreek and ab missed games from injury or dumbassery, Evans duds, Odell duds, woods duds cooks duds; literally the only players drafted in the top 20 less frustrating than Lockett is m Thomas and Godwin (who wasn’t always ranked as a top 20 draft pick. ). 

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4 minutes ago, affliction said:


Yup. There’s maybe 20 good fantasy players. Including the Patriots defense. Everyone else is trash; a complete dart throw from week to week. This silly game is nothing but luck. That’s why it’s so popular. 

oh yea, dropped!

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On 10/23/2019 at 12:45 PM, JE7HorseGod said:

He looked better last week from whatever was mysteriously plaguing him.

Looking at Kenny's game logs, he doesn't usually follow up a big game with another.  I'm sure there a ton of circumstances around that, but I tend to agree with the idea that Still's last week's effort from a game planning prospective means less bracket coverage for Nuk by the Raiders...

Well PoM, looks like you were right on the money...

Say what?  You played him anyway?  Say it ain't so Joe.

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3 hours ago, poofinger said:

This is the end result of hype and too many people making money on fake football.   

instead of jumping the shark.  It should now be called jumping the Stills. 

Stills is the archetype of a boom or bust player, I would've hoped everyone who added/played him this week knew that.  With those types of players (Stills, Fuller, DJax), you take the risk of a floor game for the benefit of the upside of a blow up game.  The script was right today along with the matchup, but apparently Darren Fells had something to say about that. Would've been great for him to put up better numbers, but this performance was always a possibility as well.

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