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TONIGHT | 9:30PM EST | $125 buy-in | ESPN | 12 Team | PPR | Auction | Leaguesafe

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Had one guy drop out 3 hours before draft. Need one more!



If you're interested leave your email or send me a PM




Payments through Leaguesafe with majority approval


12 Teams


$125 Buy-In

Draft is next Saturday 8/31/19 @9:30PM EST

AUCTION draft ($200 budget)
1 point per reception
6 teams make playoffs


1 QB
2 RB
2 WR

1 TE
7 Bench




Winner: $900

Second: $450
Third: $150

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1 minute ago, 49ers_Faithful said:

just sent scremf an invite and if he doesn't accept and pay in the next 30 min i'll send one to casale13


Jooined the league but get this message on leaguesafe.

Deadline Passed: Late payments not available
Contact your league commissioner about allowing payments
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7 minutes ago, 49ers_Faithful said:

trying to kick the other guy out rn. give me 5 min. sorry



FYI - This league is full. ratm11687 has set the maximum entrants to this league at 12. Contact your commissioner if you feel this is an error.

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