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Which QB3 would you rather have?

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I'm in a league where we can flex a QB but I drafted Luck in my draft before he retired.  I'm having a tough time deciding which QB to pick up out of these two for my third qb to roster.  (4 pts per TD, PT per 20 passing yards, pt per 10 rushing yards, 6 pts per rushing TD, -1 pt per INT, 5 pts per 350 passing yards)

Jacoby Brissett-  He didn't do so bad in some games when he started a few years ago.  The coaching staff and supporting staff has changed.  Frank Reich is one of the best coaches for QBs and I think with all their supporting cast, he can be a solid QB2.

Joe Flacco-  I'm a huge fan of how Denver addressed their offense this system including a huge upgrade in their coaching staff.  I think Flacco can revitalize his career in Denver.  He didn't have much for weapons in Baltimore since Steve Smith retired and how he's got more to work with including an OC that he worked with in Baltimore in his best years.   I think he has potential to be a solid QB2. 

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I like Brissett this year. IND had a few chances to trade him & they said no. He had l the offseason & preseason reps & unlike 2017, when he started, the team is 1000% better on oth sides of the ball.

Now having said that & you being well aware of DEN situation, dont think it's a bad idea if going with Flacco. I for one hope hom & Sanders get the same chemistry, as Flacco & Smith had. If so, could be scary good, plus they have a solid run game in Lindsay & if Freeman improves. Plus a solid TE, which Joe likes to throw to. Good luck!


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