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Need 3... 12-team, .5PPR, no kicker, no d, $100, ESPN

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Trying to quickly compile three more active and experienced owners at this time to embark on a second year league where weak links and a quarter of the league competing are a thing of the past. Owners who like to engage others in a fun and cordial way while still announcing their imminent league dominance. 


I’d prefer to fill the league with highly experienced adults and that’s no slight on the tremendous young minds who are successful in fantasy football, it’s just something experience has shown me over the years. 


I have been playing fantasy football for over 18 years, running leagues for 13. Honestly speaking I have had a pretty successful run at both. Love being in leagues where enjoyment is at the focal point and that's what I have created! 


About the league:


12 Teams

Roster- 1-QB, 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, 1-Flex, no kicker, no D. 7-Bench, I- IR


Entry Fee- $100. Paying out in full to first in the regular season, 1/2/3 in the playoffs. This is a relaxed payment setting, so you'll just need to square before the last day in October. The hey can you pay thing is awkward and frankly unnecessary considering we are adults, haha. 

Draft- Snake. September 3rd (tonight). 9:00pm-est. 

Free Agency- Standard
I realize, this way of payment is very open to problems, though I'm hoping good folks will find this post who will not let the league down and raise the bar we have set last season. We are looking for quality individuals that just love fantasy football and maybe missed out on some leagues this year. 
Please respond here or to bklyn1103@gmail.com if interested.
Best of luck to all this season! 
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