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Delon Wright 2019-2020 Outlook

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I watched the game. Just an outlier. First unit was struggling, and Mavs second unit found more success offensively (albeit against mostly the Lakers' second unit). Wright's defense looked good as usu

Mavs fan here.  Watched the game and man, Delon was everywhere, really aggressive.  I grabbed him just for the 4 gamer week. For ROS purposes, even non-Mavs fans know that Carlisle is really rand

Delon's value will depend on whether Carlisle likes him or not. He can be a guy that gets 28+ minutes or someone that gets only 20 minutes. I'd manage expectations. 

10 minutes ago, Ray Barboni said:


you dorks for real? Still an easy hold for me ... 10 team league. Deep bench, but still. 

He tidied up the line a bit in the closing stages, but the low dimes are an issue. If my team would be a bit lighter on the cripple front, I might be more patient, but in all likelihood I can just pick him up again if need be.

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As long as the steals are there, hes still a hold imo. His production reminds me similar to Darren Collison in his Pacers days. You are probably scuffed if hes your 2nd-3rd PG. But as your 4th, can't complain much with solid %, low tos and decent points/assists.

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Even with these boring lines he's still top 50 in 9 cat leagues so far because he doesn't hurt you anywhere. Great %s, low TOs, strong steals, and solid contributions in dimes, boards, and points. Plus he hasn't even blocked a shot yet which was a strength of his last year (.6 a game from a PG)

You didn't draft him for crazy upside, you drafted him bc he's an efficient glue guy that can help you a little bit everywhere, and those are valuable even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance on the box score


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Just now, Monkeyking69 said:

Rumor that Dallas might make a splash for cp3... I'm sure a trade would include delon into the mix.. would his value benefit going to the okc immediately?

granted a buzz .. lol I doubt not even close to true..

There's no rumour. It's a Bleacher Report guy writing about his imaginary trade options. 

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1 minute ago, Monkeyking69 said:

Thanks for the info. f--- was hoping for some team to snatch him up and let him loose.. lol

IF it did happen, he should see a big uptick in usage. OKC got a poor selection of shooters from the 1-3 outside of Shai. Would probably slot in as the complimentary guard next to Shai with Schroder coming off the bench still as the back up playmaker. If he did came off the bench he would still get massive usage. Obviously this would depend on what Dallas would send with him if (big if) this did happen. 

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Man rumors about this was 6 days ago.. damn thanks for the clarification on the story. 

one would think they would need to ship a bunch of players over. Forgot dallas has JJ barea until I read this 😂

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