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9th year, 20 team dynasty keeper, 2 teams open

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I have two teams ready to draft in a 9th year 20 team Dynasty 9 Cat/ESPN

Team 1
#1 Pick
#5 Pick
#11 Pick
#18 Pick

Team 2
Paul George (Keeper)
#7 Pick
#13 Pick
#19 Pick

Top 100 Fantasy Projected Players in the pool available to draft

Zion Williamson (& all the other rookies as well)
Chris Paul
Donovan Mitchell
Otto Porter
Jamal Murray
K. Porzingis
Kevin Love
A. Drummond
Kyle Lowry
Derrick Favors
Derrick White
Gordan Hayward
Hassan Whiteside
Jullius Randle
Gary Harris
Mikal Bridgets
Jacob Poeltel
Steven Adams
Davis Bertans
Terrance Ross
Jeff Teague
Marcus Smart
TJ Warren

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Sorry for not getting back sooner, been dealing with the hurricane. In this keeper league you can keep zero players or all 13 roster spots. I've had years where I kept all 13 and others like last year I kept 4 and won the league. It varies.. Each spot you keep a player you forfeit your draft pick for that round and all the unkept player go into the draft pool with the rookies some of the better ones I listed above.. The teams available didn't keep but 1 player so they have high picks as listed. 


My keepers last year were Jokic, Kyrie, Horford, and Kyle Anderson and I drafted Jeremy Lamb and Montrez Harrell in rounds 5 and 6 and won to give you an idea of what's generally available. There are no dominate teams. I've won two titles in 9 years but they were spaced apart in years 2 and 8. There is only one other team that has won 2 titles and he quit and 4 other owners with titles. 

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