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Okay incorrigibles like me - $25 ESPN .5PPR snake @1030PM ET LeagueSafe majority 100% payout

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I also would prefer to be able to trade. We should put that up to a league vote. Paid up, need invite. b_moran@outlook.com

Just now, Udubb2012 said:

I'm certainly in favor of trades. 

Also increasing playoff teams to 6. 


Yeah, just whipped this up in a hurry to get it started and hopefully full.  Ok with changing playoffs to 6 and will open trades to league vote. 

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Just now, OldSport said:

I like 6 team play-off as well. What about adding 2 more teams for 14 team league, so it's at least it's harder to make play-offs?

I'm having trouble getting the 12th team much less another 2 after that

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15 minutes ago, jumper said:


Open minded to this but would have to be a majority veto kinda deal instead of Commish approval.


That seems like the most fair way to do it to me. Wouldn't really want to be in a league with a straight commish up or down vote, tbh.

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Just now, OldSport said:

Are we drafting as soon as it's full, and not at the scheduled time?

As soon as we're full plus 1 hour since that's the ESPN minimum lead time.  Hopefully that can be 11pm if we get the 12th team joined and paid

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