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Which Crappy Receiver? Which Stud RB?

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These are the choices for my 4th WR to start this weekend:


Montcreif (vs.NE) - Will Gillmore be shadowing him all game like he did last year?  Though Montcreif did score a TD against Gillmore.

Pettis (vs. TB) - Points are sure to be scored in this one, but what is Pettis' place in the target pecking order.  Kittle dominated last year (with a different QB) and Goodwin was the main target during Garappolo's first run. 

Tyrell Williams(vs. DEN) - AB suspended for this one?  Will that be good or bad for Tyrell?  Might get a lot of targets, but the Denver pass rush is serious business, and he is perceived mainly as a deep threat.


These are the choices for my RB, pick two of three:

Gurley (vs. CAR) - How's that knee?  That's about it, though CAR has a tough run D.

Carson(vs.CIN) - SEA is projected to be a big favorite in this one, and Carson is sure to be the lead runner on a VERY heavy running team.  Could be big.

Fournette(vs.KC) - Fournette is said to be "in a better place" this year, whatever that means.  KC could get a big lead and change the dynamic of the game, but he should still get plenty of run.


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I like Pettis in what could high scoring game. 


The rbs are tough cause all terrific options. With the gurley news he’s ready to roll with no snap count I’d go Gurley and Carson. I’m a big Carson guy so that one is easy for me. 

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Pettis - most upside and likely to get most or equal targets. Good matchup.

Carson and Fournette - they will get the most touches I believe and all 3 RBs are in good spots. I don't think Jags get scripted out. I'd rather wait and see with Gurley in game one, even though they say he won't be limited...but that doesn't mean they won't rotate RBs.

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