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Do you see a trade here for Melvin? (WHIR)

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12 team very deep keeper, 4 pt passing TD, 1 pt/5 rushes

This owner has Melvin on the block, and was pretty decent last year (though eliminated in first round).  I'm in year two of a re-build, so don't really expect to win anything this year anyway (missed playoffs last year).  See an offer here?  What would you be willing to pay?


My roster:

Rodgers, Barkley, Kerryon, Guice, DHarris, CJA

AB, Woods, Gordon, Samuel, MBrown, Whiteside, PrWilliams, Ertz, Goedert


His roster:

Rivers, JAllen, Zeke, Melvin, White, AP, Booker, Gore

Evans, Cooks, Sanu, Funchess, Njoku, JJames, DWalker


Thoughts?  Leave a link!

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Given that it’s a very deep keeper, I doubt he’d be willing to sell too low on Gordon.  Maybe if you offered him Kerryon and one of your WR2?  You could also consider offering Guice since he’s got AP, but I like Guice’s future a lot more than Kerryon.


Thanks for mine.

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My offer would be Guice+Josh Gordon. Guice<Kerryon IMO. Guice was overhyped coming of on college, is on a horrid offense and has not proven anything yet. Kerryon at least showed some really nice flashes of elite potential last year. The ceiling on Josh Gordon is high as everyone knows but the hype has gotten to a point where you may be able to pull off a deal like this without the other guy remembering the risk


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Tough call. Your team does look decent for a rebuild phase. 

Guice or Kerryon and Gordon would be my vote as well, flip a coin because I think they are both going to do well this year.


Personally I would stand pat. MGIII could play one series this year and call it a season if he doesn't get the money he wants.

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