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Raheem Mostert 2019 Outlook

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Hopefully Shanny means this:    

I think people here may be overthinking the RBBC bit and how the 49ers use their RBs, I've been invested in this backfield all season and have watched a lot of 49ers games as a result... Which isn't t

Looking ahead this guy is a great stash too for keeper/dynasty leagues.  Matt Breida is set to be an FA this year, and the 49ers can save $3.6mm with no dead cap if they cut Coleman this off-season. 

2 hours ago, RandyShackleford said:

Mark my words...absolute bust going forward. I don’t own any piece of this backfield, but it’s looking more and more like the KC clusterfu€k. 

...Except with much more production.  They run more and the team blocks much better.  Without checking, I’m pretty sure a K.C. RB hasn’t had 19 carries all season.

Mostert should be owned everywhere.  He looks great, and I think Shanahan has finally made the switch from Coleman. These guys might not be RB1s, but they are good to fire up in a pinch if needed.


And if he keeps a role like today moving forward? Watch out.

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This guy has ALWAYS produced when given carries. Always seems to get positive yardage as well. Runs hard. Was hoping somehow my Bears would make a play for him, esp after last years injury and the signing of Coleman. 

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On 12/1/2019 at 1:20 PM, Deke said:

guess not. Glad I flexed Monstert. 


Guess not what? The question was "who is in SF hurry up offense" to which I answered correctly. SF didn't "play from behind" all game which was the context of the question posed. Based on game flow and effectiveness Mostert took over carries in the 2H. This had nothing to do with anyone's "hurry up offense". 

But good start and enjoy patting yourself.

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