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Raheem Mostert 2019 Outlook

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Hopefully Shanny means this:    

I think people here may be overthinking the RBBC bit and how the 49ers use their RBs, I've been invested in this backfield all season and have watched a lot of 49ers games as a result... Which isn't t

Looking ahead this guy is a great stash too for keeper/dynasty leagues.  Matt Breida is set to be an FA this year, and the 49ers can save $3.6mm with no dead cap if they cut Coleman this off-season. 

Dude passes the eye test for sure.  One of the hardest runners I've seen over the last two seasons.  I remember snagging him last year on speculation and when he finally was breaking out against Oakland he had that nasty forearm break (warning for those who seek the replay on youtube it isn't "fore" the squeamish).


The talent is undeniable for those who have watched him run.  His biggest issue is Matt Breida is pretty damn good too and looking like he's already got a leg up (at least a forearm lol okay I'll stop) in the lead back role of a 2 man committee.

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28 minutes ago, lvsaint429 said:

Perfect timing! Sent this to the guy in my league who traded Mostert for Michel this morning 😆

That’s a great trade for him. Michel is gonna keep getting the carries as long as he stays healthy. Mostert is in a committee and you never Know what you’re gonna get from him on a weekly basis 

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On 9/21/2019 at 10:33 AM, kidsgotsoul said:

May be parting ways in spots where he’s not needed as a starter this week. Bye next week and then Coleman may be on his way back, muddying things even more. Not sure I want to hang on to him where there are better season long options I can hold and see if they develop into something over the next two weeks...

Imagine holding Mostert today, or even worse, starting him, realizing he eats up a bench spot next week and then possibly competes with Coleman and Breida for touches by week 5...

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2 hours ago, herschel said:

with the bye week this week and word that coleman should be back week 5, are people hanging on to mostert.  without gl carries, seems like his value is fairly limited outside of a cuff to breida/coleman.


holding onto for now because there just isn't much I need on the waivers.  Not going to chase Darrel or Darwin or whatever new D there is running the ball in KC.  Not going to be part of it.  I think that I will just hold onto Mostert cause he was free and the chances of a Coleman or Breida injury are pretty darn good.   I'm keeping an eye on Jeff Wilson though. 

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Dropped this week for Gallman.  I also own Breida and feel Breida has the best chance to retain value no matter what Coleman does between the two and Gallman is more likely to be outright startable between the two at least for a couple of weeks over the next 6.  Just my $0.02.

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