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without knowing your roster & league settings, hard to tell which player to target. I would send a message out to the league that AB is available & see what kind of offers you will receive. Someone will definitely want him. 

I tried offering Landry & Carson for AB & a lower player, & it was rejected. And that team needed RB help. I think you can get great value if you trade him now. If he has a so-so game in week 2, his value may go down, with all the weapons that NE has. 


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what RB could i get for AB?


my roster. 12 man full ppr

QB: Brady

RB1: Ingram

RB2: Duke Johnson

WR1: Julio Jones

WR2: Juju Smith-Schuster

WR3: Antonio Brown

TE: Kittle 

FLEX: Landry 


DEFENSE: Weekly Stream 

BENCH: Kenyan Drake

BENCH: Metcalf

BENCH: Cole Beasley

BENCH: Hockenson

BENCH: Albert Wilson

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if you find the right person right now you could get someone pretty high in my opinion. ab's upside esp with brady there is through the roof but only thing is if he can play the whole season with no drama. i wouldnt worry about too many mouthes to feed as i feel they will all get fed! thats just my opinion though. as for a rb you could get, i would definitely atleast try to get someone around as high as dalvin cook or maybe someone like gurley mixon or fournette. if youre interested in any of those names i threw out ofcourse. 

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