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I got pretty banged up this weekend losing both Hill and Coleman early basically destroyed my chances of a win. I'll be hitting the wire this week to find replacements, however, my waiver priority is 9 out of 12, so the likelyhood of me nabbing one of the key pick ups this week is slim. Given that Lamar probably had the game of his life this weekend, should I try to cash in and trade him while his value is red hot? The only issue is that my other QB is Cam and he didn't look all that good yesterday, so not sure how confident I am in sticking with him. That said, I have bigger issues at WR and Flex. A terrible offer came in from a team in need of a QB (Freeman, Moore + Fitz for my Jackson, Kamara + Murray), which I'm going to decline, but what do you think would be a reasonable counter? Who should I target from his team with Jackson? Or should I seek another trade partner and if so, who do you think I should be targeting with Jackson?

Half-PPR - ESPN 12 Team, H2H, redraft League

My Squad:
QB - C.Newton
RB - A.Kamara
RB - N.Chubb
WR - T.Hill
WR - A.Robinson
TE - Waller
Flex - T.Coleman
K - B.Maher
Bench - L.Murray, C.Kirk, D.Thompson, L.Jackson, J.Graham, T.Williams
IR - AJ Green

His Squad:
QB - S.Darnold
RB - L.Bell
RB - D.Freeman
WR - A.Jeffery
WR - DJ Moore
TE - J.Reed
Flex - D.Williams
D/ST - Jets
K - J.Myers
Bench - W.Fuller, E.Sanders, C.Davis, L.Ftizgerald, DK Metcalf, I.Smith

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I traded Lamar and DJ Moore for Antonio Brown and Phillip Rivers in a dynasty superflex league. I accepted the trade before the 1pm games on Sunday then proceeded to watch Lamar go off. Given that it's a dynasty and I just lost Lamar for the next 10 years likely now I personally have sellers remorse at the moment. I don't think Lamar is gonna finish as QB1 or be the next Mahommes or anything but hes prob a better start then Cam going forward so I'd keep him and look to package Cam with someone. Hell I wouldnt be opposed to trading Hill if you could get a low end WR1 or high end WR2. Hill could be out a long time. Plus you got AJ Green coming back soon maybe as early as week 4 so you could maybe weather the storm but dont get yourself in a 0-3 hole. 

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Different team just offered me Sutton, M.Williams, and Funchess for Jackson. Obviously, I can't take the deal because I'd have to drop two players and take on Funchess who I'd drop since he's toast, but, should I counter with Jackson and one other piece for Sutton and either Wilson or Roethlisberger so I get a decent QB in return? Or should I try to package Jackson with something to attempt to get Adams?

His Squad:
QB - Wilson
RB - Mack
RB - McCoy
WR - Adams
WR - Smith-Schuster
TE - Kittle
Flex - Sutton
D/ST - Ravens
K - Gould
Bench - Hooper, M.Williams, T.Cohen, M.Sanders, Roethlisberger, Funchess

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First off put Ty Williams in your WR position and you have that position fixed. Now for your Flex position. I would not make a desperate trade just to make one. That being said you have the 9th WW pick. Put in several claims in the order that you want them for your flex and see how it falls to you. I would not make a trade.

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